Dear Colleague, is generically the world's top internet Domain name for Oral Surgeons.

It is also the best way to tell patients searching for information about providers of OMS procedures such as dental implants that the superior training of oral and maxillofacial surgeons automatically gives OMS patients a greater opportunity for better surgical management and successful long term outcomes. specifically states that formally hospital trained (OMS) are surgically, medically and clinically the best prepared dental specialists to administer intravenous (IV) sedation for office OMS surgical protocols such as dental implant insertion and wisdom teeth removal...and is perpetually online 24/7 to say so.

The Information that follows below will tell you why and how visitors to will open your website; why you should join to link your practice website to; and why you should register to join now.

If you have any questions or comments contact me at . I look forward to hearing from you.

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Dr. Richard Ferris, Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon (retired)


  • 1) A visitor opens and places his/her zip code which is located in a specific Congressional District (CD), into the site’s Oral Surgeons zip code locator box.
  • 2) The site’s interactive locator map immediately displays the geographic area of that Congressional District with map symbols to the office locations, contact information and website live links to only three of the OMS practices located in that same specific Congressional District (of more than 700,000 people residing within an average of US 94 zip codes)
  • 3) The visitor/prospective patient can open one, two, or all of the three websites; can request an appointment directly through the map page enquiry contact facility and can save and download the contact information for later …. it will depend upon your office/professional website presentation.

Rational To Complete Registration is your most efficient, cost effective method to exclusively bring your practice directly to the attention of a much larger “ local ” community of over 700,000 + potential patients proximate to your office location than you are now effectively able to reach through word-of-mouth and/or professional/peer referral efforts.

Qualified OMS registration for only one of three (3) places in each 700.000 + person district is on a first-to-register-basis’

The program is FREE for the first 60 Days and a very reasonably priced marketing value after that.

The generic name of will automatically be continually enhanced by an ongoing professional program of site optimization (SEO), as well as online advertising

So Let’s Recap The Reasons to Register Now !

Exclusive: The office locations, websites and contact information of a maximum of three (3) OMS office practices, all located in one of 435 well-defined, National Federal Districts across the across the US with equal residence populations will all display on an interactive map each time one of that district’s 94 + US zip codes is requested by anyone of that district’s 700,000 + potential OMS/Implant patients.

Efficient: ... Always On / Always Displaying / Always Referring

Cost: Inexpensive - $100.00 /Month

No Contract: Continued Registration guaranteed by continued monthly payment

No Risk: First 60 Days Free

Register Now: Registration is on a First-to-Qualify/First-to-Register Basis


Qualified Oral Surgeons Exclusive Zip Code Listing on OMS Interactive Contact Map FREE for 60 DAYSwith Registration.

Initial Registration is FREE .... Continuing Registration and Map page listing is guaranteed by payment.....

After FREE 60 Day introduction PERIOD continued registration is maintained by $100.00 paid monthly.

No contract is required

Major Credit Cards and PayPal accepted For registration.

Office and website contact information

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