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Oralsurgeons.com is a new professional internet marketing program that is an exclusive opportunity for you as one of just three oral surgeons in your community to put the details of your dental implant practice exclusively before an average of 700,000 + potential patients.. .all searching online for the best way to secure successful dental implant treatment for themselves and their families.

Qualifying, hospital trained, clinically experienced Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons (OMS) are simply the best prepared dental specialists to successfully perform Dental Implant Surgery... and www.oralsurgeons.com is online 24/7 to say so.

The office websites of three OMS practicing in each of the 435 Federal Congressional Districts (CDs) across the US will be much more available to every one of the prospective 700,000 dental implant patients residing, and/or working in each of these districts.

Information that follows below will tell you why and how visitors to oralsurgeons.com will open your website; why you should join to link your practice website to oralsurgeons.com; and why you should register to join now.

By inserting a US postal zip code into a space provided, a visitor interested in OMS services views an interactive street map of the Congressional District (CD)in which the requested zip code is located. Clicking each link instantly opens each one of the three displayed OMS office websites for inspection and information by the 700,000 potential patients in each district.

Reasons to Register on OralSurgeons.com... Now!

  • The applications of only a total three qualifying oral surgeons will be accepted on a first to register basis.
  • OMS registered for one of the three places in each district (CD) always have the option to continue their registration.
  • OMS registered in oralsurgeons.com will also have a priority option to register for a listing in the similarly organized, limited-registration www.toothimplants.com website network. The online visibility, information transfer capability and advertising value of the domain names of oralsurgeons.com and toothimplants.com will be automatically enhanced by an ongoing professional program of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and online advertising.
  • An exclusive listing on oralsurgeons.com is your most efficient, cost-effective way to market your surgical training and implant practice to a larger audience.

    Up to now you are one of the many well-trained, talented providers of oral surgical services in the Congressional District (Average pop. 700,000 ) where your practice is located. But as one of only three OMS in your district listed on oralsurgeons.com, your practice is automatically marketed to a much larger local community of potential patients than your customary referral patterns would otherwise give you the opportunity to treat.

Criteria for registration of OMS

  • A minimum of 50 Dental Implant cases successfully completed.
  • Eligible for certification by the American Board of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery (aboms.org).
  • Member of the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons (aaoms.org)
  • Current valid state license to practice Dentistry and/or Oral Surgery and/or IV sedation anesthesia ( if required).
  • An operating or "under construction" Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery practice internet website.


  • Registration is FREE
  • At the termination of your FREE 30 DAY TRIAL PERIOD registration and continuing listing on OralSurgeons.com is guaranteed by $150.00 paid monthly. NO CONTRACT REQUIRED

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