Find Board Certified / Qualified Oral Surgeons

OMS Facts

The following facts apply to all board qualified Oral Surgeons:

  • Oral Surgeons diagnose, treat and surgically correct medical and dental conditions including injuries, infections, cysts, tumors, developmental defects and tissue deformities of the oral, jaw and facial anatomy.
  • Oral Surgeons receive extensive residency training in dental/oral and facial trauma reconstruction and oral/facial cosmetic tissue treatments and surgical enhancement procedures
  • Oral Surgeons must complete a four-year, graduate ( degree ) dental education program
  • Oral Surgeons are the only dental specialists with a clinical, full time, four-year in-hospital Oral & Maxillofacial surgical residency program as a requirement for Board Certification.
  • Oral Surgeons have the necessary hospital clinical anesthesia training required to perform monitored Intravenous sedation for in-office surgical procedures such as the insertion of dental implants.
  • Oral Surgeons maintain hospital staff privileges for the treatment of medically compromised patients, and patients requiring more extensive surgical procedures and post operative care.
  • Oral Surgeons treat patients of all ages.

Oral Surgeons are simply the best surgically trained medical and dental providers of Oral Surgical services such as providing the surgical insertion of DENTAL IMPLANTS for you and your family.