Dental Implant Surgery... is ... Oral Surgery


It is my opinion, after 40 years of practice as an oral surgeon, that oral surgical procedures such as dental implant surgery, impacted wisdom teeth, orofacial tissue enhancements, to name a few, should be managed and performed by oral surgeons.

Oral surgeons are the dental surgical providers whose rigorous training and specialized education in oral surgery is recognized by board certification or eligibility. Such “certification“ in oral surgery, as in all other standard medical and dental specialty practice areas, operates in the public interest as a reliable marker of expertise in the practice of Oral Surgery. Dental implant surgery, the surgery of the implantation of a faux-tooth into the living bone tissue of the jaws, Dentistry’s modern miracle ... is ...Oral Surgery.

It is an indisputable fact that both the management and outcomes of all surgical procedures are much better, much more often, when in the hands of those practitioners much better trained and much more experienced to perform them.

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All the best
Dr. Richard Ferris, Retired Oral Surgeon /